Woman Escapes Estranged Husband's Murder Plot

When Amy Rezos went to meet her estranged husband to talk about a divorce, she never imagined what would happen next.

When the couple separated, Chris got a hotel room. On July 2, 2004, Amy thought she was meeting him in the hotel to finalize the details of the divorce. Instead, she was walking into a carefully planned trap.

As the couple argued over the custody of their two boys, Chris snapped. "I just remember seeing a look on him that I had never ever seen before in my life. It was a look ... like a monster," she said.

Amy was savagely beaten. Someone in a nearby room heard the commotion and called the police.

When officer Paul Lovett arrived, Chris Rezos tried to convince him that they were victims of a robbery. But Lovett didn't buy it.

"I could see a woman on the floor covered in blood. The bathroom was covered in blood. I was certain she was dying. I asked her to blink once for no, twice for yes," Lovett said.

When police searched Chris, his elaborate plot became clear. They found rubber gloves, Amy's jewelry and credit cards to make it look like a robbery, even a to-do list Chris had written on Post-it notes.

As the 35-year-old woman lay near death, Lovett tried to speak to her, "I asked if your husband did this to you and blink once for no, twice for yes, and she blinked twice," he said.

Her injuries were severe. "I had the four skull fractures. I had over 30 staples put in my head ... a small fracture in my vertebrae. And I had bruises all over, rug-burn marks on my knees, from where he had dragged me into the bathroom," she said.

Her family was shocked at the extent of her injuries, but they got another shock when they found out Chris had been released on bond.

"He was taken in custody at 6 p.m. on Friday night, and by noon the next day, he was out on $2,000 bond," Amy's brother Kevin Jones said.

A few days later, Chris Rezos was arraigned, but the judge never heard the details of the savage beating or the carefully calculated murder plot. So he was released again -- this time on a $100,000 bond.

The police told Amy to change all the locks in her home. A restraining order was granted to prevent Chris from seeing her. Amy said she had no reason to think she wouldn't be safe.

Chris was staying with his parents and made no attempts to communicate with her or see her -- until just a few weeks later.

On July 26, as Amy was in her van pulling out of the driveway and heading to work, Chris was hiding in the back with a gun.

"He came up from behind me, behind my seat, and said, "Turn right." And I remember screaming, slamming on the brakes and screaming. And that is when he shot me," Amy said.

Instead of stepping on the brakes, Amy hit the accelerator causing the van to crash. Chris's head broke the windshield.

Sheriff's detectives Rob Whitlock and Ken Hardin arrived on the scene soon after. The detectives found the bullet that had gone through Amy's head on the floor, a gun and a baked potato that Chris had intended to use as a silencer on the passenger seat.

When the detectives reached the hospital, doctors told them Amy was unlikely to live. They quickly tried to get a statement from her while she remained conscious. Whitlock said they were able to record her identifying her husband, Chris, as her assailant.

For the second time in a month, Amy Rezos was at death's door after her husband tried to kill her. Her mother, Sally, feared the worst.

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