Excerpt: 'Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop'

Why You Binge Eat — And How To Stop

You are not alone; not anymore. Thanks to decades of research in the field, hundreds of patient case studies and reams of research conducted on this very topic, I can help you get an upper hand on your own eating and, together, we can conquer your concerns about binge eating.

Binge eating disorder is a highly treatable condition. When we give patients path-breaking tools to "curb the crave" at our program at UNC, most of those who use them can — and do — triumph over their binge eating. You will hear about these patients, men and women, young and old, and how they conquered their disorder using a variety of strategies in their personal arsenal; you will learn these strategies as well.

What about gaining weight? I know how closely concerns over weight and binge eating are linked, and that is why losing weight and keeping it off are a critical part of both treatment and self-discovery for everyone trying to get control over their binge eating. Once you can to identify the causes of your cravings, it becomes easier to lose weight — as well as to bring your binges under control.

Across the country, many effective forms of treatment exist to help sufferers overcome their disorder, including:
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Self-help programs
Nutrition counseling
Behavioral weight control programs

Specific treatment programs will be discussed later, but I wanted to introduce them early so that you know that effective options do exist – and many may be well within your reach. Whatever form of treatment you seek out for yourself – or for others – rest assured that right now, by following the guidelines in this book, you are taking the first critical step toward getting help.

I deal with people every day who are going through what you are going through and I know firsthand how much courage it takes first of all to admit there is a problem and, secondly, to address the problem with specific, safe, effective steps toward long-term recovery.

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